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Anne was very helpful getting me on track in my session with her.  The therapy helped clarify for me all the negative things I have told myself over the years.  If you feel constantly "stuck" then I highly recommend Anne.  Although I've received help from traditional talk therapy, Anne's work just goes deeper to the root cause.  And I found that other therapists either don't know how to go deeper or just don't go deeper.  They don't tap into the subconscious part of the mind which is where I felt I had lots of stored emotions and thoughts.  And the best aspect was that I didn't have to figure anything out which meant I was less in my head and more in tune with my feelings and body.  I feel great since receiving Anne's help.  I'm more assertive, calm, and comfortable with myself in situations that would normally produce anxiety in me.  Thank you, Anne!

               Roman Schneider


"I am a working artist who has been struggling with doubt in my own ideas. This doubt has robbed me of much of the pleasure and productivity that once accompanied my practice. My hypnosis session with Anne was incredibly helpful in alleviating this problem. Her guidance enabled me to see how personal experiences I thought were unrelated to my practice were negatively influencing me. 

She helped me engage my emotions directly and come out on the other side with a more objective and productive perspective on myself and my work. With Anne's guidance I can better see my self doubt for what it is and move past it with greater confidence and clarity. Self betterment is always a work in progress and I am so grateful for Anne's aid in helping me on my journey. I recommend hypnosis with Anne for anyone in search of greater knowledge and growth." Miguel Carter-Fisher

"I wanted to thank you for selecting me to test out your creativity script. It is definitely effective! Since our session I have experienced increased creativity in my stained glass work. I also found myself rearranging furniture, gardening and cleaning up flower beds. I'm just making everything around me more beautiful. I seem to see things with a fresh new eye. Thanks again." Pat Meyerin


"All my life I have struggled with low confidence which held me back and made me feel that success was not available to me unless I really worked hard at it. I was also a perfectionist and expected to be the best at everything to get recognition for my efforts. Anne's gentleness and compassion flowed from her as soon as the session began which put me at ease and I could tell she was confident in what she needed to do to help me. Anne guided me through my session with ease and uncovered why I was plagued with low confidence and perfectionism. Today, I am free from those old beliefs and I know life will not be the struggle it's always been.

I will definitely return to Anne for help with other issues I struggle with." Angie Spohn

"Anne is a kind and caring therapist. She structured our session in such a way that I was able to recognize the connection between my issue and the function it has played in my life - until today. Understanding is power and I walk away empowered and liberated. Thank you, Anne." Elisabeth Mohlmann


"My son, William, died in 2006 and I've been to traditional therapy to assist me in dealing with the pain and sense of loss. At the end of three years and with no clear resolution I came to a decision that I will always have this pain and the sense of loss. In spite of it all, I never gave up hope that I will find help. In my research for help I came upon hypnotherapy (Rapid Transformational Therapy or RTT) where I met Anne who is a Certified Hypnotherapist who elaborated on what RTT had to offer and what resolution will come from it. After an hour and a half session with Anne I finally felt relief. I will always miss and love William, however I am no longer carrying around the pain and loss associated with his death. For now my heart is free of pain. I feel light. Thank you, Anne, for being patient, sensitive and thorough. My journey started with you." Dara Bissoon


"Anne is a warm and welcoming RTT Practitioner who made me feel comfortable during my session on improving communication skills. The session went very well and Anne provided me with a terrific recording to listen to afterwards. I definitely encourage anyone interested in improving their skills to contact Anne for a session. You will be happy you did!"

Susan Z.


"After the first session, the change I felt regarding my anger and depression was subtle. The main thing I noticed and the most important was that I no longer thought of my abuser every day. That is a pretty big change after years of having him take up space in the back of my mind. I am pleased with that result." Marie E. 

RTT and Caring for Cancer

RTT and Auto-Immune Conditions (Graves Disease)

Are you tired of dealing with an ongoing feeling or habit that sacrifices your health and peace of mind? Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a wildly effective technique developed over the past 30 years by the top therapist in the UK, Marisa Peer. She handled the most challenging referrals from psychiatrists with an astounding rate of effectiveness. 

RTT is a combination of three types of therapy: Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis.  


Marks and Spencer




Ernst and Young



Conde Nast



BBC 4 and 5


Mizuho Bank

Wigan Football Team



The Mastermind Agency

Bauer Media Sales Team

Business Excellence Forum and Awards

INSPIRE Conference

Be Fit Annual Event

Mind Body Spirit Festival

Supergrowth Conference

The Yes Group Speaker Series

Women in Business Superconference

Women in Banking and Finance

We are Like Minds

Hachette Publishing

St. Mary's College of Ascot

Academy of Chief Executives

Edinburgh Festival

Topics are customized to suit your needs.

Sessions are conducted on-line at a convenient time and they take approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours. 

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