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My Story

I am a licensed Certified Hypnotherapist who overcame both physical and emotional challenges of my past.

We all have a story.  When I was growing up I felt unloved and felt extremely depressed.  I spent years seeing therapists and, although we spent lots of time talking about why I was depressed, we never actually removed the root cause. 


As time went on, I experienced very negative romantic relationships, due to my feelings about myself.  One psychiatrist even suggested to me that I should have an affair with a married man in order to be valued in a romantic relationship.  He claimed he was not talking about himself, but I thought it was terrible advice.  I did not feel comfortable working with this person after this.  


In any event, over time I discovered that our emotional patterns are stored in our operating system--the subconscious mind.  Every thought we have releases chemicals into our body.  When we have the same thoughts, over and over, chemicals are released and the negative emotions get stored in the energy centers of the body--our chakras.  

These blockages have both physical and emotional consequences.  Each of us has the power to remove these blocks--integrated medicine professionals believe that 85% of all disease has an emotional base.  

My commitment is to my clients becoming free of all the old emotional baggage that has prevented them from moving forward in all aspects of life--personal goals, business goals, relationships.  Removing the negative self-talk opens windows of opportunity because they feel confident in themselves.  Clients tell me (generally after only one session) they feel they have a new life.  They also say that their relationships have improved.  


When people improve themselves, their relationships improve.  They feel happy and can focus on their goals.  


I hold space for my clients and get a clear picture of the change each one would like to initiate.  We create a partnership and work together to achieve their goal.  We use a personalized 2-hour session and sometimes use affirmations and music to enhance their voice.  The entire process enhances their authenticity and joy in life.  


I have personally experienced some medical challenges where I have utilized the method I use to heal physical ailments.  I cannot guarantee that this will be the result for everyone but it always improves health situations.  


I have healed intestinal polyps over a 2-month span without the use of drugs.  I have healed fatty liver disease and stage 3 kidney disease using a detox diet and supplements as well as hypnotherapy over a period of 6 months without drugs. 

Back in 2018 I decided I wanted to find a career that would allow me the freedom to work online and help people overcome the obstacles that I faced and that they have faced.  I found this with Rapid Transformational Therapy.   I love seeing the look on my client's faces after they have a session. 



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Let's change together:

In Business

- Motivation

- Improve Work Ethic

- Goal Achievement

- Communication Skills

- Teamwork

- Having a Backbone/Confidence


- Motivation

- Divorce/Relationships

- Goal Achievement

- Communication Skills

- Anxiety/Anxiety Attacks

- Having a Backbone/Confidence

- Physical Issues

About Me

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

I believe that all my clients have the power to heal themselves and we work together to bring about confidence, focus and joy into the lives they desire. 


Some clients may wish to work on physical challenges to improve health.  I am not a physician but would have them work with their health provider and we would enhance their healing using hypnotherapy.  

I appreciate the very powerful technique that is a provocative change agent.  Physical and emotional change happens easily and without drugs. 

The people who inspire me on this journey are Marisa Peer, creator of Rapid Transformational Therapy and designated as one of the top 250 physicians in the UK (she is actually not a physician, but a hypnotherapist), Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Gabor Mate, Peter Levine, Ph.D.,  Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D,,  Natalie Ryan Hebert, and Julia Cameron. 

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Meet The Team-Me and You!

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