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I am Dr. Deementhe Weerasuriya, a research assistant of the Medical Research Institute of Colombo, Sri Lanka.  My area of expertise is Internal Medicine.  I am also a Rapid Transformational therapist.

I believe that RTT is a powerful tool to effectively allow clients to make rapid changes in their lives. 

I have helped clients with a variety of issues including weight loss, insomnia, anxiety, depression, pain relief.

As a Rapid Transformational therapist I first encountered Anne as a peer during a Practice Register session.  We provided a session to one another and I would like to share my impressions with you about this experience. 

​At the time I had concerns regarding my practice and future plans.  She asked me what my challenges and feelings were and then asked me to describe my life without my concerns.

​She used hypnotherapy to, with the precision of a surgeon, thoughtfully question me to determine what ideas from my past were influencing how I was feeling now.

​She found the root cause and we removed it and replaced it with my own new, desirable thoughts and behavior.

The session left me feeling empowered, vital and feeling free of something unknown to me before, and more comfortable within my own skin and completely relaxed. 

My perspective on my challenges completely changed and I have been able to proceed with great joy in my life.

Anne is highly skilled in this and provides a warm, caring approach.  She is conscientious and understands how our responses to trauma tremendously impact the trajectory of our lives.

She incorporates the ideas of Peter Levine, Ph.D., Bessel Van Der Kolk, Ph.D., Gabor Mate, M.D., Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. and Dr. Joe Dispenza and recognizes the integral relationship of the body and mind.

I would welcome such a warm and constructive member to my team.

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